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Environmentalists seek emergency help for rare Miami-Dade beetle

Saving the Miami tiger beetle — Going up against a retail giant

Miami-Dade wants land including rare forest declared blighted

Miami-Dade County warns developer to protect forest

MIAMI WILDS: Stupid Theme Park...

Developer receives grant for 20th Century Fox theme park at Zoo Miami

Miami Wilds gets $14 million

Miami Wilds, A Theme Park Proposed For Near Zoo Miami, Wants $13.5 Million...

Miami Wilds LLC wants $13 million in public funding

Going, going, gone, Biscayne Times

Feds: Shopping center in Rare Miami-Dade forest likely to kill endangered species

Developer defends Wal-Mart in rare forest

Outraged Miami Residents Confront Walmart Developer in Kendall

Two Flowers Species at Controversial Walmart Site Are Now Endangered

Carter's small-flowered flax and Florida brickellbush now officially are endangered species

Two flowers growing in Miami-Dade County deemed endangered

Two South Florida Flowers, Threatened by Climate Change and a Walmart, Protected...

Cutler Bay passes resolution to protest development of south Miami-Dade land

South Florida butterflies win federal protection

Endangered Florida butterflies to get federal protection

Two Florida Butterflies Protected Under Endangered Species Act...

Plans for Massive Amusement Park Overlap with Endangered Florida Forest

Thousands Sign Petitions Against Walmart Development on Endangered Pine Rockland

Destruction Thanks to University of Miami's Sale of Pine Rocklands -- It doesn't end there

Feds to Developer: Stop Planning Walmart In Rare Miami-Dade Forest

Feds ask developer to stop work on Walmart in rare Miami-Dade forest

The Awful Reason Florida is Bulldozing One of the World's Rarest Forests

Walmart planned for endangered forest lands in South Florida

University of Miami sells 80 acres to developer for mixed-use project

Florida's Largest, Rarest Bat Secures Endangered Species Act Protection

Florida's Biggest, Ugliest Bat Could Be Headed for Endangered Species List

Zoning Approvals Sought for Coral Reef Commons Complex

Newly Endangered Plants Stand in Wal-Mart Project's Way

Miami Pine Rocklands
Photo by Al Sunshine, Miami Pine Rocklands